Member of the professional association: FREELENS e.V.


My name ist Thomas.  As a headshot photographer based in Munich I help my clients look confident, approachable & their best.

Having a diploma in biology and a doctorate in history of science under my belt I’d been doing academic research for many years before becoming a headshot photographer. That doesn't necessarily help when it comes to f-stops and sync times but it shaped the way I’m looking at things and tackling them. And this is definitely something from which my clients can profit.

I learned headshot photography from Peter Hurley who has his studio in New York. Peter is not only widely considered to be one of the best headshot photographers on this planet but he is also an extremely gifted teacher. The same holds true for Bruno Kongawoin who helped me as my mentor too. Meanwhile I also took some colleagues under my wings to help them with their own headshot photography.

In 2016, Peter of whose Headshot Crew I’m a proud member made me one of his hand selected associates. Of course, I’m more than happy about Peter’s move since it is sound proof that I'm able to deliver high-end headshots to my clients.

What else? I'm born and raised in Munich where I still live with my wife and son. I love that there is no “SIE” in English, and at the moment I manage to go running on a (more or less) regular basis. My motto: you can learn everything but geography.

I love creating headshots that help my clients to accomplish their goals. So, let me know which goals I can help you with.

Thanks for stopping by, Thomas